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The interest rates on home loans have reached an all time low and the fewer procedures for home loans make the whole process quite hassle-free. You have various schemes to opt from to suit your need. These loans from leading Housing Finance Institutions can be arranged with minimum involvement on your part (subject to the conditions put forth by the financial institutions). The pre-approval of Keratech projects by leading Housing Finance Companies makes the whole process a whole lot easier. Maximum loan amount with long term easy installments can be arranged for both NRIs and RIs.

Here is a list of general documents required for sanctioning the loan amount by a Housing Finance Company ( HFC)

  • Copy of passport, visa, ID card or any valid address proof
  • Passport size photographs of all applicants
  • Copy of work permit
  • Bank statement for last six months both international ( in which the salary is credited) and domestic
  • NRE account.
  • Income Proof
  • General Power of Attorney as per the HFC's draft duly attested by the Indian Consulate in case NRI is not in India. If     NRI is in India then the POA can be locally notarised by Notary Public.
  • Copy of appointment letter or Contract.
  • Copy of Labour card or Identity card if employed in Middle East.
  • Salary certificate specifying Name, Date of joining, Designation Salary details and deductions if any or
  • Latest four months salary slips.
  • Copy of Income Tax return for the last three preceding years.

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